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Embraer hosts visitors from all around the world in its plant and needs an infrastructure that only Exxmartt can provide. Check it out!

Clients - Embraer

Since 2008, Exxmartt is responsible for Embraer's Plant Tour Program.

There are about 50 visits per month with a diverse public from many countries. Such diversity and complexity of public – academic institutions, investors, press, clients, prospects, authorities, and partners – suggests that our team is made of real corporate diplomats.

Visitors are received at Embraer's headquarters in São Jose dos Campos – SP, in the Gavião Peixoto unit. Special tourist guide service is also provided for this program.

The plant tour ranges from a rich company presentation to a visit to the hangars where aircrafts are built and visitors have the opportunity to be very close to production line, living the corporate experience to the fullest.