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While being built, the Superport of Açu is receiving local community and business executives and Exxmartt is giving support for all the reception service. Check it out!

Clients - LLX

In 2012, Exxmartt rendered consultancy to LLX, from the EBX group. The goal was to understand and suggest improvements to the Açu Superport Plant Tour Program.

The industrial complex of the Açu Superport, with 90 km², is the largest port-industry enterprise in Latin America and one of the three largest port complexes in the world.

Located in Rio de Janeiro and under construction since 2007, this port receives visitors from the local community and business executives from industries that are settling there; steel mills, metalworking complex, shipbuilding unit, offshore industries and information technology industries.

Besides evaluating how the plant tours were performed and suggesting improvements, Exxmartt created a manual with processes and corporate visit routines, new circuit, script, communication models and trained LLX staff responsible for welcoming visitors.